I had a moment of pause today while scrolling through my Facebook feed. I’ve always known I’m surrounded by talented, creative people. I even wrote a post about it. But it struck me that you guys may be interested in some of these people, too. I try not to name drop. It’s rude and pretentious. There is, however, a difference between crowing about knowing someone and sharing that someone. The people listed below aren’t just folks I admire. They are people I have, at the very least, corresponded with. And so, in the best tradition of first grade lessons, please allow me to share:

(The first words for each entry are the links, in case it’s not clear.)

Musical Folks –

Alchemy Unplugged is a duo of haunting melody and gorgeous guitar. Lisa sings, Daren plays (and sings) and together they just make you smile.

Telesterion is all about the mystic rock. “Like if Black Sabbath and Fleetwood Mac had a baby.”


Tattoo Artists –

Crystal is in Georgia. I’m still trying to get there so she can draw all over me. Her work is amazing and just gets better with experience.


Visual Artists (Includes traditional “art” and makers) –

ReiBlades makes… blades. Beautiful, functional, custom knives.

The Bure Diaries is the blog that will very soon be attached to a shop that you will want to know all about. Start here, get to know Ophelia, then bounce and wait for the goodies to show up.

MudShake Makes specializes in mixed media. Victoria is also Ophelia’s partner in Bure crime. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Earth and Diamonds takes Science Shrapnel (that is, bits left over from creating nanodiamonds) and creates delicate and stunning jewelry.

Sandra SanTara and Windwolf Studio – I own a couple of her pieces and always want more.

Laura Boergadine Sapp makes with the pretty. Go look!

Patti is in the process of rebranding, but this link is a good start. Photgraphy, video, graphics… you need it, she can make it. Beautifully!

Dmitri Arbacauskas makes leather behave in gorgeous ways!

Brom is wow. Admire his art, read his books (he’s a double threat and a perfect segue to the next section.).


Authors (Just read them all.) – 

Delia Sherman

Ellen Kushner

Theodora Goss

Joanna Miles, the brilliance behind FutureShift

Terri Windling

Phil Brucato

Jacqueline Carey

Laura E. Goodin










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