Corporate Storytelling

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So what’s this all about? Corporate Storytelling sounds like marketing buzzwords meant to empty your wallet. You’ve got a business to run, right? You don’t want to fuss with story time.

Bear with me a moment. Think of a commercial that stands out to you. Commercials have, at most, 30 seconds to get your attention and make you remember who they are. Budweiser has locked in the art of telling a brief story with their Super Bowl ads. In a very short space of time, they told the tale of a puppy and his equine best friend and captured hearts across the country. You may not drink beer, but you will remember their name. You probably talked about it with friends. You repeated the story.

This is how we communicate. Numbers and anayltics matter. Data matters. But most of us don’t remember the numbers. We remember the stories the numbers tell.

About Us pages are useful. They tell your audience who you are and where you’re going. Corporate Storytelling shows your audience where you’ve been and how you go there.

Everyone loves a good success story!

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